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To Cut Government Spending, Cut Taxes

May 18, 2010

          If we are seriously looking for a way to balance government budgets, let me suggest we have seen the perfect solution in our city and state governing bodies … cut the amount of money we-the-taxpayers are giving them. That’s the way it happens in the real world. If you personally, or your business, sees its income go down, it cuts spending. It’s that simple. Private enterprise businesses are now beginning to come back … not because of government spending, but because they have made the very tough decisions and are now lean and mean and ready to go. They are promoting, and giving their customers better service and lower prices to improve their income … and do I dare use the word profit here?  From the very beginning of this democracy of ours it has been recognized that the way to cut government is to cut taxes. John Adams argued against having excess tax money in the treasury. Let me quote: “The revenue creates pensioners, and the pensioners urge more revenue.” And then he said: “…even in times of surplus the ‘folly and iniquity’ of politicians … will not let go of the peoples money once they have their hands on it.”  History is very clear, the only way government will cut spending is to have less money to work with … and that is what has happened to the Georgia Legislature, and that is what happened to the City Council. When they ran short of money, they found out they COULD cut spending. And the best way to cut spending, and cut the dominance of government, is to cut taxes first. And I say: let’s do it.