President Obama: AWOL on Memorial Day

     It is hard to describe the feeling I had when I learned President Obama did not lay the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Memorial Day. It was not anger. It was sort of a sick feeling deep down inside … the kind of feeling one might have if he had let his military comrades down under fire. The Constitution says the President is Commander-in-Chief of all the military, not some underling. At first I thought I would just let it go, lest those who do not understand would feel I was simply being petty toward this president. But I couldn’t let it go. Let’s see if I can explain how, and how badly, that hurt. As President, Barak Obama is our Commander-in-Chief. And just as every serviceman, as an individual, strives with all his or her might to do their duty, at the same time they are dedicated to care for the military comrade on their right, and on their left. We expect our leader to do the same. I try to debate the Obama administration only on issues, not on personalities. But this is personal, very personal. Whether he likes it or not, we ARE at war. He is sending individuals into battle. Memorial Day is the one day in the year that we honor our military comrades who gave their all, that we all, can live in freedom. I came through World War II without ever facing danger from an enemy, but four of my high school classmates died in combat. Memorial Day is about them. Memorial Day is not political; it is very personal. Doesn’t our President understand that? If he is to be our leader, and send our brightest and best into combat, the least he can do – in my judgment – is to stand side-by-side with them. In my book President Obama was AWOL on Memorial Day … and that hurts.


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