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Newt Knows Georgia. Palin Does Not.

August 8, 2010

      Our friend Sarah Palin is coming to Georgia to campaign for that nice young Atlanta area Republican lady who is running for governor. As much as I admire Palin, I think she failed to do her homework on this one. She should be reminded that Georgia’s 9th is the most conservative Congressional District in Georgia, and one of the most conservative in the nation … and that Nathan Deal has represented this district in Congress for 17 years. I will guarantee you if Congressman Deal had wavered even a smidgen toward any liberal issue in Washington, there would have been hell to pay here in the mountains. Prior to going to Congress, Nathan Deal served 10 years in the Georgia Senate. His record proves he is a conservatives conservative. In today’s race for governor, Newt Gingrich has endorsed Nathan Deal, and except for Ronald Reagan, Speaker Gingrich, of Georgia, did more to turn America back toward conservatism than any other conservative in history. And … he accomplished that with Slick Willie Clinton in the White House opposing him every step of the way. Newt Gingrich knows the 9th District of Georgia very well. His first experience as a campaign manager was here, while he was in college, and he and Nathan Deal have worked side-by-side on many issues. I am a Tea Party participant and supporter. Like Mrs. Palin, I am proud the power of the Tea Party movement comes from the grass roots up, and not from outsiders down. I think it fair to remind her that here in Georgia Nathan Deal has strong support from Tea Party participants as well as long-time Republicans. What can we do to counter this Sarah Palin mistake? Get out and vote for Nathan Del for governor. A good turnout in the 9th will easily offset any extra Palin votes in Atlanta. Go vote.