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Like Throwing Ear Corn In A Pigpen

March 30, 2010

          This administration in Washington has to be the most frustrating bunch I have ever seen. They throw money around like they were tossing ear corn in a pigpen … borrowed money, no less … money we taxpayers (or our children and grandchildren) will have to pay back, plus interest. Yesterday, news reports revealed some of our local governments were receiving $1.4-million in federal stimulus money, and for what? Schools? No, not schools. Police? No. Gainesville is getting $300,000 to replace a gas-fired boiler at the Georgia Mountain Center; to replace two rooftop heating, ventilation and air conditioning units at the Community Service Center, and they will figure out how to spend any excess. Flowery Branch is getting $204,000 for retrofits at their wastewater treatment facility. But that is only the pocket change coming from the Obama stimulus fiasco. Helen, Clarkesville, Lumpkin County are all approved for money for these “environmental friendly” projects. Hall County got $762,000 of this so-called “free” money last fall. But that is just the chump change. All told, 64 small and medium sized cities and counties are getting $13.3-million … and that is just for Georgia. The other news out of Washington yesterday was that Georgia schools “missed out” on getting a part of the special $4.35-Billion federal grant for schools. The Democrats, and the liberal media, are demonizing we Tea Party people because they simply cannot understand why we want to toss tea in the Boston Harbor all over again. To which I say to our President: you may be tossing this money out, Mr. Obama, but it is we-the-taxpayers who will have to pay it back.