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So The Populists Ask: Where Are The Jobs?

March 9, 2010

     Last fall President Obama promised to make jobs the new NUMBER ONE PRIORITY for his administration. He had another one of his summits with community bankers. He sent Joe Biden out to give some money away for roads, internet access and some so-called “green” jobs like planting trees. Congress approved a new stimulus package they called a “jobs bill” that was (thank goodness) much smaller than a year ago. And then, guess what? The Obama-Pelosi-Reid triumvirate refocused the entire federal government on the President’s unpopular healthcare bill. So what is happening to jobs? What is happening in the economy? Many respected economists are concerned we may be heading for a double-dip recession. The federal government has created a bunch of jobs. It now has more employees than ever before, but government does not generate wealth to pay these people; that comes from the pockets of we-the-taxpayers. And how does he expect to create new jobs in the private sector when every action he takes stifles small business. The Small Business Administration says there are 29.6-miullion small businesses in America …more than 99% of all firms, and they employ more than 50% of all employees. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says small businesses accounted for 64% of net new jobs between 1993 and 2008. They produce 13-times more patents per employee than large firms. They are the innovators, the risk takers. Common sense says we won’t start regenerating jobs until Washington gets off the backs of small business, but common sense is a commodity in short supply in Washington nowadays.


A Chronicle For The American Populist Uprising

January 25, 2010

     Okay … I have started a new blog.  It is called Populist Chronicles, a spin off of my Common Sense Chronicles which my radio listeners will identify with the sign-off that says “and may the wind always be at your back.” From the standpoint of a local history nut, let me tell you why this is happening. From the end of the War Between The States until about 1930 there were two great political  “reform” movements in America. First, the POPULISTS which probably reached its peak about 1900 and was led by farmers, then the dominant economic engine in the United States. Then, beginning about 1900 and overlapping with, and usually opposed to, the Populists, came the PROGRESSIVES. The Progressives believed in a dominant, centralized government. Theodore Roosevelt, a Republican, was the first Progressive with any power, followed by Woodrow Wilson, and then the Patron Saint of Progressive Democrats, Franklin D. Roosevelt. LBJ was a Progressive liberal, as was Jimmy Carter. The Obama administration is Progressive liberalism on steroids. On the opposing side, the modern day Populist movement started with Barry Goldwater, got conservative wings with Ronald Reagan, and made some real headway with Newt Gingrich. Populist politics got a new grass roots kick-start with Sara Palin, but it is the Tea Party group, and now the election of Scott Brown, that offers the possibility of a true, national Populist uprising. If you want to keep up with it, the way I see it from down here where we-the-people live and work, tune in, or follow my Populist Chronicle blog.