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Like Throwing Ear Corn In A Pigpen

March 30, 2010

          This administration in Washington has to be the most frustrating bunch I have ever seen. They throw money around like they were tossing ear corn in a pigpen … borrowed money, no less … money we taxpayers (or our children and grandchildren) will have to pay back, plus interest. Yesterday, news reports revealed some of our local governments were receiving $1.4-million in federal stimulus money, and for what? Schools? No, not schools. Police? No. Gainesville is getting $300,000 to replace a gas-fired boiler at the Georgia Mountain Center; to replace two rooftop heating, ventilation and air conditioning units at the Community Service Center, and they will figure out how to spend any excess. Flowery Branch is getting $204,000 for retrofits at their wastewater treatment facility. But that is only the pocket change coming from the Obama stimulus fiasco. Helen, Clarkesville, Lumpkin County are all approved for money for these “environmental friendly” projects. Hall County got $762,000 of this so-called “free” money last fall. But that is just the chump change. All told, 64 small and medium sized cities and counties are getting $13.3-million … and that is just for Georgia. The other news out of Washington yesterday was that Georgia schools “missed out” on getting a part of the special $4.35-Billion federal grant for schools. The Democrats, and the liberal media, are demonizing we Tea Party people because they simply cannot understand why we want to toss tea in the Boston Harbor all over again. To which I say to our President: you may be tossing this money out, Mr. Obama, but it is we-the-taxpayers who will have to pay it back.


Local Government or Out-of-Touch Washington?

March 26, 2010

          When have we ever seen a situation in which actions in Washington have had such a devastating effect on we-the-people here in Northeast Georgia? For instance, the Georgia legislature recently voted to cut state spending $1.2-million, and that only covers now to July 1. The budget for next year is being worked on, and it will need to be cut even more. Tax income is down because our personal income is down, and our state cannot run in the red (and that is a good thing).  In Washington, Congress approved increasing U. S. debt by $1.9-Trillion (that is not million, or billion, but trillion with a T)  That will take the total U. S. debt to $14.3-Trillion. In Washington the Democrats are working on a way to increase jobs, and their proposal is a junior version of the $1-Trillion “stimulus” bill of a year ago that almost everybody agrees was a waste, and a bust. At the same time news comes out that government employees have now topped 2-million for the first time since a Republican Congress and President Clinton declared the era of big government is over. The so-called jobs bill extends unemployment and some other things that have nothing to do with creating jobs, and the Georgia DOT announces two new road paving projects paid for with federal stimulus money. The local paper carried an FDIC “Notice to creditors” of two Georgia banks, and the same paper carried 32 pages of home foreclosure ads. I look at all this and I get the feeling our state and local governments are making the tough decisions that need to be made, while the elite people in power in Washington are celebrating that power, and could care less about we Populists, way down here in Georgia.

War and Wilson, Roosevelt, Carter and Obama

March 13, 2010

     President Obama agonized 11 months about what to do in Afghanistan. During the campaign he insisted he would negotiate our way out of that problem. He would talk with anybody, and end all this senseless fighting. That’s what he said. From way down here where we-the-people  live, I look at history and listen to today’s news, and it seems to me this is Act 4of failed liberal attempts to gain peace by appeasement and jawboning. Act 1 opened when Woodrow Wilson won re-election as President saying he would keep America out of World War I. He was very outspoken against entering that war, and convinced the voters he could bring peace through negotiation. The Germans not only did not agree to any of his approaches, their submarines began to attack American ships. Five months after the election, on April 2, 1917, came the event called “the great reversal”. President Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany, and 2-million American “boys” were on their way to fight in Europe.  Franklin D. Roosevelt, still struggling with the great depression, won a  third term campaigning that he “kept us out of war.” The Japanese were convinced we would not fight, and on December 7, 1941, we were attacked at Pearl Harbor, and thrust explosively into World War II. Act 3 — Jimmy Carter insisted we could bring peace to the Middle East by bringing those leaders together to talk. Iran took everybody in our Iranian embassy hostage. Carter kept talking, and the Iranians held our people until Reagan became President. Now comes Act 4. Barak Obama, like President Wilson, has had a “great reversal”, following the Bush policy and sending a “surge” of troops to Afghanistan. We Populists who have fought in other wars, and whose grandchildren have already fought in this one, can only hope history does not repeat itself.

So The Populists Ask: Where Are The Jobs?

March 9, 2010

     Last fall President Obama promised to make jobs the new NUMBER ONE PRIORITY for his administration. He had another one of his summits with community bankers. He sent Joe Biden out to give some money away for roads, internet access and some so-called “green” jobs like planting trees. Congress approved a new stimulus package they called a “jobs bill” that was (thank goodness) much smaller than a year ago. And then, guess what? The Obama-Pelosi-Reid triumvirate refocused the entire federal government on the President’s unpopular healthcare bill. So what is happening to jobs? What is happening in the economy? Many respected economists are concerned we may be heading for a double-dip recession. The federal government has created a bunch of jobs. It now has more employees than ever before, but government does not generate wealth to pay these people; that comes from the pockets of we-the-taxpayers. And how does he expect to create new jobs in the private sector when every action he takes stifles small business. The Small Business Administration says there are 29.6-miullion small businesses in America …more than 99% of all firms, and they employ more than 50% of all employees. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says small businesses accounted for 64% of net new jobs between 1993 and 2008. They produce 13-times more patents per employee than large firms. They are the innovators, the risk takers. Common sense says we won’t start regenerating jobs until Washington gets off the backs of small business, but common sense is a commodity in short supply in Washington nowadays.

Elite Washington vs. A Tea Party In Opryland

February 7, 2010

     If ever one wanted to see a stark comparison between the political attitude of elite Washington, and we-the-common-people, it was on full, dramatic display last Saturday (February 5, 2010). In Washington, which had been buried in the snow-of-the-century and where most of the common folk were cold and in the dark without power, the snow plows cleared a path between the White House and a posh hotel where the Democrats were meeting in comfort, and where the national TV networks had mysteriously brought their cameras … all so President Obama could read his teleprompters and assure his loyalists his big-government programs are saving America from the mess he inherited more than a year ago. He has found, he says, $3-billion paid back from the $800-or-so-billion taxpayer bailout money for too-big-to-fail banks. He is going to allocate that $3-billion, he said, to small banks so they can save small businesses. And then what did we small business people hear? No matter what has happened on the Hill, I’m going to stick it to you on healthcare. Meanwhile, down in Opryland, the Tea Party commoners were saying to America, through the eyes and ears of cable TV and the internet, if you’ll only get Obama, Pelosi and Reid off our backs, we will give you that shining city on a hill that Ronald Reagan envisioned. What a dramatic contrast: elite Democrats hobnobbing in a plush hotel in smowbound Washington, and we-the-people on a Saturday night in Nashville. This is Gordon Sawyer, reminding you that any government which can give you all you want, can also take from you all you’ve got.

A Populist Uprising? Time Will Tell.

February 6, 2010


          Only time will tell whether or not the Tea Party movement becomes a true “Populist Uprising”, but from way down here in the heartland of America – trying to look at it as an amateur historian – I am betting it will.  If you stand among those at a Tea Party rally, you will see a wide spectrum of America’s modern middle class – small business men and women, doctors, lawyers, housewives, young and old, white, black, Hispanic.

            It is certainly not the caricature of farmers from the first Populist rebellion of the 1880’s, or rural Georgians in faded bib overalls yelling “You tell ‘em, Gene” to a Talmadge.

            Tea Party Populists first gathered here in Gainesville, Georgia –a county seat town just north of Atlanta – a year ago, united as fiscal conservatives, and taking a cue from Boston’s historic tea caper, only this time sending tea bags to Washington. It made a powerful statement, and it caught on.

            During the presidential campaign of 2008, Sara Palin became the poster person for we conservatives because she is a commoner who got involved in politics at the local level, then became one of only 50 governors, and then as a surprise vice presidential candidate. She was a strong family person, with family problems just like ours, and a person who lived her political beliefs. Her appeal was solidified when a liberal female, speaking on national TV, said Palin could never qualify for president because “she comes from an unimportant state, and  went to a state university.” That in the midst of football season, no less. That comment was not – to my knowledge – ever again mentioned in the mainstream media, but it went viral on the internet. We saw her as “one of us” the same way we saw Ronald Reagan long ago.

            In the November 2008 elections Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss was forced into a runoff election against an unknown Democrat because Chambliss had voted for George W.  Bush’s stimulus plan. He was re-elected in the runoff but a strong message had been sent … this time to Republicans.

            So, early in 2009, with President Obama demanding Congress pass an unread, 1,000-page, trillion-dollar stimulus bill, an impromptu rally was organized in Gainesville, by normally non-political people, to promote the idea of swamping Washington with tea bags. On short notice it was held in a city park on the city’s main thoroughfare, between a historic old steam engine and a chicken monument, and several hundred people showed up with hand-lettered placards and a let’s-take-back-our-America attitude.

            This was only one small American town, and most mainstream media was either laughing at, or downplaying, the “tea baggers”. But, mostly unnoticed, the Tea Party movement had already caught fire on the internet. As the Progressive Democrats pushed cap-and-trade, and single payer medical care, and a dozen other initiatives, while the new President toured the world, somebody, somewhere decided the only way to get Washington’s attention was to have a Tea Party rally on the Mall. In less than three weeks it happened. Conservatives said one-million were there; liberals conceded 250,000.

            A number of families (hear that, families) went to Washington from Northeast Georgia, knowing only what they learned on the web. And back home, in Cumming, Georgia, an ad hoc group decided to support the Washington march with a local Tea Party rally, and I was asked to emcee it. The meeting was held on the Forsyth County courthouse front steps, and with practically no publicity, the people turned out. Two things happened locally at this point. First a petition was signed on a couple of card tables on the Cumming courthouse lawn, so now there was a record of interested  people for local e-mailing. And secondly, from the internet activity, and the meeting in Washington, we knew we were not alone. We knew this was truly a national Populist Uprising.

            Fast forward to November 2009. The “Tea Party People” at the grass roots level all across America latched on to the idea that a “good showing” by a conservative Republican running for the Senate seat in liberal Massachusetts, vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy, would send a strong message to Obama, Pelosi and Reid to back off their “socialist ways.” Four separate people, three who never before had contributed to a political candidate, asked me to help them figure out how to e-mail money to Senate candidate Scott Brown … no gift more than $100. As one frustrated person said: “I just HAVE to do something.”

            Tea Party Populists realized well before Washington Democrats and the mainstream media that the upcoming Massachusetts election might be more than simply a strong message. It is now known that Scott Brown campaign money flowed in from all over the U. s., and by the time the President came off his campaign to push Obamacare through, and went to Massachusetts to campaign, it was too late. Scott Brown became Republican Senator number 41.

            As this is being written, the Tea Party has finished a national gathering in Nashville, and the first hurdle – the eternal urge to create a third party, and thus lose all power – has been averted.

            If the Tea Party Populist Uprising continues to be a major factor in American politics, this will likely be its first chapter. As with most history, only time will tell.

                                                            — 30 —