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Local Government or Out-of-Touch Washington?

March 26, 2010

          When have we ever seen a situation in which actions in Washington have had such a devastating effect on we-the-people here in Northeast Georgia? For instance, the Georgia legislature recently voted to cut state spending $1.2-million, and that only covers now to July 1. The budget for next year is being worked on, and it will need to be cut even more. Tax income is down because our personal income is down, and our state cannot run in the red (and that is a good thing).  In Washington, Congress approved increasing U. S. debt by $1.9-Trillion (that is not million, or billion, but trillion with a T)  That will take the total U. S. debt to $14.3-Trillion. In Washington the Democrats are working on a way to increase jobs, and their proposal is a junior version of the $1-Trillion “stimulus” bill of a year ago that almost everybody agrees was a waste, and a bust. At the same time news comes out that government employees have now topped 2-million for the first time since a Republican Congress and President Clinton declared the era of big government is over. The so-called jobs bill extends unemployment and some other things that have nothing to do with creating jobs, and the Georgia DOT announces two new road paving projects paid for with federal stimulus money. The local paper carried an FDIC “Notice to creditors” of two Georgia banks, and the same paper carried 32 pages of home foreclosure ads. I look at all this and I get the feeling our state and local governments are making the tough decisions that need to be made, while the elite people in power in Washington are celebrating that power, and could care less about we Populists, way down here in Georgia.