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War and Wilson, Roosevelt, Carter and Obama

March 13, 2010

     President Obama agonized 11 months about what to do in Afghanistan. During the campaign he insisted he would negotiate our way out of that problem. He would talk with anybody, and end all this senseless fighting. That’s what he said. From way down here where we-the-people  live, I look at history and listen to today’s news, and it seems to me this is Act 4of failed liberal attempts to gain peace by appeasement and jawboning. Act 1 opened when Woodrow Wilson won re-election as President saying he would keep America out of World War I. He was very outspoken against entering that war, and convinced the voters he could bring peace through negotiation. The Germans not only did not agree to any of his approaches, their submarines began to attack American ships. Five months after the election, on April 2, 1917, came the event called “the great reversal”. President Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany, and 2-million American “boys” were on their way to fight in Europe.  Franklin D. Roosevelt, still struggling with the great depression, won a  third term campaigning that he “kept us out of war.” The Japanese were convinced we would not fight, and on December 7, 1941, we were attacked at Pearl Harbor, and thrust explosively into World War II. Act 3 — Jimmy Carter insisted we could bring peace to the Middle East by bringing those leaders together to talk. Iran took everybody in our Iranian embassy hostage. Carter kept talking, and the Iranians held our people until Reagan became President. Now comes Act 4. Barak Obama, like President Wilson, has had a “great reversal”, following the Bush policy and sending a “surge” of troops to Afghanistan. We Populists who have fought in other wars, and whose grandchildren have already fought in this one, can only hope history does not repeat itself.